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Welcome to the Gingerology blog for the 1930 Paramount film, Young Man Of Manhattan!!!

This film was Ginger Rogers' first appearance in a 'full length feature', portraying the character of Puff Randolph, a textbook flapper gal who has designs on free-wheeling sports columnist Toby McLean (Norman Foster)... which is a problem, since Toby is hitched to his sweet writer wifey Ann (Claudette Colbert).

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Publicity Stills and Other Pictures from the 1930 Paramount film "Young Man of Manhattan"...
With director Monta Bell.

Yes, that is a 'phone'... er, that's all I have to say about that...

with Claudette Colbert, Norman Foster, and John MacDowell.

with Charles Ruggles and Norman Foster... "Cigarette me, Big Boy!"

Location shot in New York City with John McDowell, Norman Foster, and director Monta Bell and crew.

with Charles Ruggles and Norman Foster.

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  1. I love the phone. Although it is obvious where the earpiece is, one is left to question where the, er, (awkward pause) mouthpiece is. Oh for those pre-code days :)

  2. ...It's not quite a SmartPhone... As freaky as it is, I'd love to have it in my Gingerbilia collection...well, I'd probably put some shorts or something on the little dude...